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Sharing Chamoru Sainan Måmi honoring our ancestors

Megai ma'åse Fafanå’gue Saina Eric Reyes for sharing your gift of CHamoru music and deep love of our island home, the Mariåna Islands. We are humbled to have had the opportunity to be a part of this historic project, "Sainan Måmi", honoring our ancestors alongside you and all of the Guma' siha ginen sanlågu.

May we continue to preserve our CHamoru language and culture through song, chant, and dance spreading our message of unity, peace, and harmony as One Mariånas for those who have gone before us, for us in the present and for those who have yet to come. Tai guenao mohon...

Gi kinalamten-ta ta hågu'i i håle-ta

In our movements, we reach for our roots

See the full video of Sainan Måmi:

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