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Inafa'maolek Outdoors


Inafa'maolek outdoors offers nature adventures to strengthen connections with youth and families and nature. It's an invitation for extended family (community) to move and experience stillness together in nature.  Whether we are hiking in the mountains, playing by the ocean , breathing fresh air under  giant redwood trees, bike-riding over concrete and recognizing the earth below our adventure together provides an opportunity to have fun, care for our bodies and our earth.  

We are excited to announce our 2024 Summer Program offering:  Neurodiverse Nature Navigators Youth Summer Day Camp at Lake Chabot Regional Park June 24-28 from 9-3 pm and Don Castro Regional Park includes Swim Lagoon July 1-3 from 9-3 pm.  This program is free to children 5-8 years old. Some of the activities offered are swimming at Don Castro, hiking, cooperative activities, arts and crafts utilizing natures tools, science and math, leadership, choice activities, fishing at Lake Chabot and intentional on social emotional learning, cultivating relationships and building community.  Marriage, Family, Therapist counselor Shauna Castro-McDaniel who herself is a parent to 5 and 7 year old boys will join Verna as camp coaches. 

All outings are led by lifetime physical fitness and wellness educator Verna Castro. For 37 years she has coached youth sports and mentored adults, athletic directors, facilitated teacher trainings, taken students abroad for travel and sports exchange programs as well as facilitated camps and taught physical education. She hopes to share her love of physical activity and nature with the next generation and families.  


We will follow COVID recommendations of Alameda County. Care has been given to select trails that provide wider trails and outdoor spaces to accomodate all.  All activities are rated easy to moderate. If there are challenges that you might experience, please let the Verna know during registration so we can assist with accommodations. 

Let's have some fun outdoors Hope to see you soon, inafa'maolek!

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