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Harmony Circle

Welcome beloved extended family, 


You are invited to drop-in community circle to move toward harmony expressing your truth or join in silence to witness others. We will playfully connect with ourselves, community, nature through simple guided activities. 


The story of this Harmony Circle isn't brief and will continue to evolve as diverse people participate and co-create it. Please don't hesitate to contact if you have questions or to express interest as you consider registering for a future circle here.


My name is Shauna and will be holding this space. I am a granddaughter, daughter, mother, wife, friend, cousin, niece, healing artist / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lover of liberation of African, CHamoru, Cherokee descent. I have alot to learn and am grateful for this opportunity to share what has been offered to me. I welcome your feedback directly and look forward to being in circle with you. 

Inspired by

- Ancestry


- Nature

- InterPlay

- Vipassana meditation 

- African Centered Psychology

- Somatic archeology

- The divine gift to create


- Many, many teachers 

- Beautiful truth telling children

- Hope, healing, liberation

Even with the readiness to enter a therapeutic relationship, insurance or ability to self-pay for therapy, there's not enough access to therapy that truly understands and integrates culture yet culture is part of our resilience and innate power to heal. This Harmony Circle was created with the intention to create a group therapeutic space where people can be seen and heard culturally and invite the fullness of their multiple identities and experiences. All parts of oneself is welcome, respected and affirmed here yet this is not therapy. 

What to expect

- Meeting on a healthcare level secure zoom account. 

- Virtual room will open at time posted on registration page, the circle will begin 10 min after

- Connection. This is a drop-in group so one or many people may be present 

- Invitation to movement so please dress comfortably

- Guidance in simple, sometimes silly activities inviting voice 

- Many opportunities to pause and bring attention to the fullness of your experience

- Appreciation for your presence

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