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Guam Relief Effort Donation Request Action Items


*The most effective wait to support recovery efforts right now is through a monetary donation to MCCA, which can be made through their PayPal here*.

A compiled list of other relief efforts can be found here:

MCCA has the following four requests:

1. Copyediting support with their pamphlet which will be distributed with 200 of their relief kits. Please reach out to Cami D. Egurrola (671)685-3796 / if you can support this effort.

2. Support with comms and a newsletter. Please reach out to Christian San Nicolas • (671)488-1963 • • IG: @CDASN4 if you can support this effort.

3. Provide MCCA with photos/videos of guinaiya & inafa’maolek, love & support from us gi sanlangu, off-island for KUAM/MCCA to distribute - so our relatives know we are sending love their way.

4. Establish regional points of contact - Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Southern California, Midwest, East Coast - to coordinate relief efforts in each region

Heres another NorCal donation location center not listed below:

Antioch, contact Dwayne Guerrero at +19257272687 for drop off information

You are welcome and encouraged to share the information above with your wider community and network. Meggai na Saina Ma’åse.

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