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Guann Typhoon Relief Community Update

Update #07: Our website has launched! Si Yu’os Ma’åse’ to William Garnsey for all of his hard work getting this launched!

Southern California Update San Diego Volunteers, Packing Boxes & Tape Needed!

Friday June 17 9am - 5pm

Sons and Daughters of Guam Club

334 Willie James Jones Ave

San Diego, CA 92102

Northern California Update

We are only 3 days away from our Fiesta work days. Please consider signing up to intake donors, sort, inventory, pack, label, tape and or load. Also looking for team leaders.

A quick overview for the coming days especially as it pertains to Payless Logistics and it’s hours of operations/receiving donations & volunteer dates/times.

Payless Logistics, Inc

901 Rankin St ( Dock 12-21)

San Francisco, CA 94124

Donation Drop off Dates/Times:

Wed, June 14 & Thurs, June 15

6am - 12 noon

Friday, June 16

8am - 12pm

Volunteer Dates/Times:

Friday, June 16

8am - 12 noon

*need volunteers to help prep/stage the loading area for Saturday

Saturday, June 17

8:30am - 4pm

*need volunteers to sort & pack items and need muscle power to carry the heavy load into the container

- -


*per code we can accommodate 48 people at a time (which is why we are accepting volunteers in time blocks).

* parking is limited so car pool if possible.

*donations of boxes would be appreciated.

*for those assisting with lifting boxes and loading container, please bring safety belts and gloves.

*please note contents on the box.6If anyone is lost or has specific questions , please don’t hesitate to call Vera Calvo Garces @ 650-387-2589.

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