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"Current I" by Lehua M. Taitanoln

Current, IA poem by Lehua M. TaitanoIn "Current, I," poet Lehua M. Taitano reflects on the natural elements which she is composed of, and how social norms find friction with her very existence. Lehua's words find companionship in a video featuring scenes from her daily encounters with water, plants, and sea creatures – a montage ecosystem which she is inseparable from. 5 minutes

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Lehua M. Taitano is a queer CHamoru writer and interdisciplinary artist from Yigu, Guåhan (Guam) and co-founder of Art 25: Art in the Twenty-fifth Century. Taitano’s work investigates modern indigeneity, decolonization, and cultural identity in the context of diaspora. She is the author of two volumes of poetry—Inside Me an Island (WordTech Editions) and A Bell Made of Stones (TinFish Press). @lehua_m._taitano @Lehua-Taitano

"Current I" was originally presented as a part of Queer Check-Ins, a collection of video poems curated by Frannie Choi for A Day in the Queer Life of Asian Pacific America presented by SmithsonianAPA in 2019. For Care Package, we are pleased to publish the poem for the first time in text form.

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