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Eyak i Fino'-ta / Learn our Language Community Event

Eyak i Fino'-ta / Learn our Language

CHamoru Practice Lessons for Beginners

Between Monday, January 8, and Monday March 11, 2024; we are launching a new package of CHamoru language classes for beginners with Dr. Michael Bevacqua. Every Monday we release a new lesson, from the beginning of the year until CHamoru Month in March 2024. The lessons are free of charge, everyone with access to the internet can participate, at your own time at your own pace. Support and funding for the development of these lessons were provided by The Commission on the CHamoru Language of the Government of Guam, the University of Guam, Saint Francis Catholic School in Guam, and the US Administration for Native Americans.

Lessons include short instructional videos with Dr. Michael Bevacqua, exercises and interactive drills. At the end of every lesson, you can take an online test to review and assess how much you learned. Complete all 10 lessons before the end of CHamoru Month in March 2024 and you will receive a certificate for completing the entire lesson package; and you may win one of the raffle prizes donated to the participants of this course.

Join the fun and enJOY learning CHamoru.

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