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CHamoru partner dancers at the City of Alameda July 4th Parade

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Come watch Kuttaran CHamoru Foundation dancer Jahnay Taitingfong Luna and dancer Malayjah Gaines showcase the beauty of an ancient CHamoru dance in full CHamoru regalia in a musical tribute to the cultural island diversity of Alameda.

The name of the song Is "Famagu'on Guåhan"

CHamoru Dance is a recreation of our ancestors way of life and story telling through movement, chant and song. It is from the Mariåna Islands and is a recreation. Our dances were completely diminished by over 400 years colonialism., an Alameda base CHamoru non profit vision is to walk in a world of peace and harmony. The intention of dance is to learn culture through music and dance while connecting as "family"with other CHamorus, mixed heritage and those who identify.

Parade begins at 10am. Special thanks to Tiffany Naputi-Lacsado and Unity Council for their generous contribution.

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