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Mamahlao: Shame

Saw this on fb by Hoben, Jules-MendiInafa'maolek: Like mangingi (seeing essence of person usually on forehead or palm of hand), chenchule (gift typically money for a visitor), respetu (respect) and gai mamålao (, operates alongside said values - intertwined. Inafa'maolek is not about the person, but about mutual respetu within a clan. 'Reciprocity' is the English word used to describe these cultural practices. The CHamoru is expected to maintain harmony or good relations first within the clan, before themselves. The CHamoru individual is never alone; the clan is always there to help; when you are helped you help in return too. Try being an individual; only out for yourself... there certainly will be repercussions from the clan. Inafa'maolek is about the CHamoru connection to the land too. For them, the land is alive; it's an extension of themselves. This is where the commonly heard words, taotao tano' comes from. So connected are the CHamoru to their land that even afterbirth such as the påres (placenta) and apuya' (umbilical cord) are buried on it. What say you? //Si, Hoben » Mamåhlao: Shame The Online Resource About Guam

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