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Story of 3 yr old boy named Taga

I went to 20:23 on the video for a story about a strong 3 yr old boy named Taga who was threatened by his father to become chief, the boy jumped some 50 miles in one leap to rota and settled as chief and built a Latte stone home the size of Stonehenge which still exists today. Another story of Magellan landing on Guam, the people's offering of fruit, the custom of trade, the CHamorus came onto the ship and took supplies, a fight ensued, Magellan crew went on island and burned a village killing 7 people ...a Magellan shipmate named the island Ladrones or Island of Thieves, Magellan left the island and tried the same at Phillipines and was murdered, Taga left Rota to Tinian, became chief and built another latte house with massive 15 foot pillars called the House of Taga which still sits in Rota today

Followed by another story of Tagas brother who arrived in Tinian to challenge his brothers strength.story begins with meeting Tags who impersonated a farmer, to invite him and take him to Taga first they must drink coconut milk so taga hit the tree and a coconut dropped,, Taga ripped the coconut in half, Tagas brother jumped back in his ship thinking if a farmer is this string the chief must be more fierce, Taga called out he was Tafa, the brother got out the boat and the challenge was on. They agreed to get in the same canoe and paddle in opposite directions and whichever way the boat went was the stronger man. They paddled so hard that tsunamis flooded both tinian and rota. They paddled so hard that they were immersed in a bowl sitting on land with no water under them, so hard thst the boat split in half, they ended the battle with respect and retreated to their islands. Another story about Taga...enjoy!

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