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Julion Aguon

I sat in on a reading of Julion Aguons new book "No Country for Eight-Spot Butterflies: A Lyric Essay"

I was amazed at Julions journey as a human rights attorney in behalf of Guam, the Northern Marianas and other Pacific Island nations facing environmental injustices from big corporations and governments including our United States. The impact of our long history of oppression and colonization continues. Julions writing and thoughts are so needed now as many are revolting to reclaim what's there's. His collectivism value is a call to action for us all to stand together. members were present at City Lights Books to support a CHamoru born author, activist, humanitarian and left with a clearer understanding of truth. Julion has a knack he's of weaving today's atrocities our reality with the historic lens of the CHamoros past and write with a fluid

ease and poetic symmetry.

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